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Automated Solution for Radiotracer QC

Automatic Gamma Counter

BBS Hot Cells for Synthesis

Eagle Target Scanner

CardioGen-82 Cardiac PET

Dose Calibrators

Dose Monitor

Easy View Syringe Shields

EndolucinBeta Lu-177 n.c.a. (registered)

Fully Automatic Theranostic Synthesizer

Ga68 Generator (GMP certification available)

GM RADY 3 Radiation Contamination Monitor

GM Rady 7 Radiation Area Monitor

IRIS Multidose Radiopharmaceutical Injector

Vimap Technologies Automatic CO2 Insufflator

SMART MRI Ferrous Metal Detector

LiNA Xcise Cordless Laparoscopic Morcellator

Molecubes Preclinical Imaging Systems

Myosure_All in One Brochure

Online Radiopharmaceutical Order Communication System

Head and Torso Phantom

PET LIMS Software

Radiopharmacy LIMS Software

Radio-TLC Scanner

Shielded Dry Bath and Stirrer

Shielded Isolator for Ga-68

SubtleMR - EU Version

Syringe Shields

TRF DTS Radioactive Waste Management

Vial Shields

Zymot - Revolutionizing Sperm Preparation

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